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If you experience recurring problems with your writing, or simply think that your writing can be improved, Mind-Crafts can create a program of coaching sessions especially designed to help you. Irrespective of whether your problems have to do with grammar, syntax, finding the right structure for your texts, expressing your thoughts more clearly, more concisely, more elaborately, with more focus, with more abandon – the nature, scope and content of our coaching will be tailored entirely to your needs and preferences. The coaching sessions are centered around specifically targeted exercises, accompanied by feedback and discussions via email, telephone and instant messaging.

If you think you might like to have us work with you on improving your writing, contact us by phone or email. The initial information we will need is your name, how to contact you, and an indication of the nature and scope of the help you might like us to provide. The subsequent steps would be as follows:

  • We will discuss with you your needs and desires in greater detail, to determine whether our approach can indeed help you, and to lay down a general plan for the best way to structure the coaching process. If we don't already have a relevant sample of your writing (from your previous use of our editorial services), it will be helpful to us if you could send us something that would illustrate your specific problems.
  • We will schedule with you a free exploratory session to pinpoint the exact problems you would like to target, and the methods that would best serve your purpose.
  • Based on the exploratory session, we will present you with a proposal for working together, and give you a price estimate.
  • We will iron out, through mutual discussion with you, a final agreement, which will cover the details of our planned work together, price, and payment.
  • We will give any help you may need in setting up the instant-messaging software if you do not currently have any, and begin scheduled sessions as per the final agreement.

Of course, if you think your writing might need improvement, but don't have the time or desire to work on it, you can simply use our editorial services and we will edit your texts.

All our services are completely confidential, and we are willing to sign NDAs if necessary.