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Our pricing depends on the exact nature and complexity of the task. The prices for our tutoring services start at $30/hour, and for our editorial services at $4.50/page. Editorial work that includes critical review will be priced higher, at the equivalent of about $40/hour. Billable hours include those spent in actual tutoring, coaching or brainstorming sessions, in editing or reviewing the texts submitted by you, in additional or auxiliary consultations or problem-solving, in reviewing the assignments you may have completed as part of the tutoring or coaching program, in any email correspondence that is part of the service we provide to you, in special investigations, unusual preparations, or procurement of special materials. We will, of course, provide you with a detailed record of any time, or any other expenses (such as the prices of any special materials we purchase at your request), for which we bill you. The exploratory sessions whose purpose is to ascertain the kind of service that most effectively will serve your needs, are free. If you are using our editorial services for the first time, we will usually offer to edit the first 400 words of your submitted text as a free sample – unless doing so would require special preparation or consultation, or seems inadvisable to us for other reasons.