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Mind-Crafts offers high-quality, individualized tutoring, consulting, brainstorming, editing and critical-review services. We can help you conceptualize, organize and articulate your thoughts, craft a document, improve your writing, or enhance your knowledge and understanding of an area of mathematics or statistics. Specifically, our services include:
  • Remote one-on-one tutoring sessions in mathematics. We specialize in teaching adults, and will tailor the teaching strategy to your needs. We teach by phone while using an electronic whiteboard (which is free software) - and, of course, using email, fax, etc.
  • Workplace math-skill programs targeted to specific needs within your company.
  • Critical review/discussion/editing of any specific text with which you need help.
  • Helping you, more generally, to write better through an individually targeted program of online consultations.
  • Helping you to clarify and organize your ideas for a specific project.
A crucial aspect of our approach is that every case and every project is treated individually, on its own terms and according to its own requirements. We do not have pre-set curricula or courses of instruction, and neither do we have fixed notions of how one should think or write. What we offer you, and in what form, depends on what you wish to achieve. You are the co-creator of any service you receive from us.

All our services are completely confidential, and we are willing to sign NDAs if necessary.