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Mind-Crafts offers you complete, in-depth editorial help with any specific writing task – whether it is a business presentation, an essay, an advertisement, an instructional text, technical documentation, a web-page, a letter, a book, or any other form of writing.

If you are in the initial stages of writing, we can help you clarify and organize your ideas and find the most effective and appropriate way to express them.

If you already have a partial or complete draft, we can provide you with an intelligent and detailed critical review, help you determine and fine-tune the effect the text might have on its intended audience, and help you make any needed improvements, whether major or minor.

Note that our editorial expertise does not include familiarity with the requirements and idiosyncrasies of institutions such as various granting agencies, scientific journals, or school admissions boards, and we make no representation about being able to help you in dealing with such institutions. We will, however, help you produce an excellent piece of writing.

The general steps for using our editorial and review services for a specific text are as follows:

  • Contact us by phone or email. The initial information we will need is your name, how to contact you, the nature, length, purpose, and intended audience of your text, and an indication of the nature and scope of the help you would like us to provide. If you like, you can also send us a copy of the text itself (see below).
  • We will discuss the project with you, give you a price estimate, and – if you haven't already sent us the text – agree on the best way of exchanging materials. Some of the formats in which you can deliver the text to us are an MSWord file, plain text, a web page, a PDF file. The format in which we will send back our comments and modifications will vary accordingly.
  • After we have received your text, we will give you an estimated schedule and a final price for the job, and finalize with you the details of payment and delivery. The delivery will typically involve email exchanges of edited/annotated copies of the text; it may also involve further discussions of the text by telephone or instant messaging, followed by further modifications. If you have never used Mind-Crafts before and the service you need is editorial, we will usually offer to edit the first 400 words of your submitted text as a free sample of our work – unless doing so would require special preparation or consultation, or seems inadvisable to us for other reasons.

If you wish, we will coach you further in any more general problem-area that might have crystallized in the process of working on a specific writing task. The coaching is tailored entirely to your needs and preferences, and is centered around specifically targeted exercises, accompanied by feedback and discussions via email, telephone and instant messaging.

All our services are completely confidential, and we are willing to sign NDAs if necessary.