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All of the services of Mind-Crafts are delivered via remote communications, using the telephone, fax, email, instant messaging and a whiteboard. We pay for the telephone conversations.

For real-time interactions which may involve mathematical symbols or diagrams, we use the free electronic whiteboard program Coccinella which, when installed on your computer, permits you to communicate with us both via an instant-messaging interface and a whitebord interface. (We will help you with the downloading and installtion, if you need). The whiteboard acts as a "shared screen" on which both parties – the teacher and the student – can write mathematical expressions, diagrams or graphs. The most frequent way to conduct tutoring sessions in math or statistics is to speak over the telephone while writing on the whiteboard.

For real-time written exchanges that only involve text, we can use other instant-messaging schemes such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo messenger, or Jabber – whichever one you are already equipped to use. If you are not equipped to use any them, we can help you install one –.

If you use our editorial services, the documents that you need edited can be delivered to us as MSWord files, plain text, web pages, PDF files, or in some other mutually convenient format. The form of our editorial modifications, comments, annotations, etc, will be determined by the format of the original document and by your preferences.